July 8, 2010 - 3 Responses

“The fortunes of the Conservative Party of Canada and Stephen Harper now appear to oscillate more clearly with the national mood. When Canadians now feel better about the country they tend to assign special bonus points to Stephen Harper.”

Michael Ignatieff The Russian Count?

May 13, 2010 - 12 Responses

So I was poking around on the Conservative website today and found out something I didn’t know before.

Check it out:

MAY 13, 2010

Today the Russian media outlet Pravda published an article titled “Russian Duke Craves Power in Canada”. You can read the article here:


Many Canadians probably don’t know that Mr. Ignatieff admits being “flattered” when addressed using his aristocratic and hereditary title, “Count Michael Ignatieff”.

They also probably don’t know that Mr. Ignatieff admits that his aristocratic and hereditary title was “useful” for social advancement in the United Kingdom. In fact, he made the comments, amazingly, during a Canadian television interview.

Here is the transcript of his exchange with Gaston L’Heureux of Radio Canada:

Segment of Radio-Canada show L’Heure G, broadcast on January 9, 1991 (translation)

Gaston L’Heureux (host): Let’s welcome the author, Count Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff steps on the set

GL: Doesn’t it bother you, Michael, that I called you count?

MI: Not at all. I’m flattered.

GL: It’s a hereditary title, isn’t it?

MI: Yes, since my great-grandfather. It’s a little ridiculous to use it in Canada, but I’m flattered.

GL: But in England, with all the peers you find over there, it has got to be useful?

MI: Yes, sometimes.

GL: Except that it’s Russian count, not English count.

MI: Yes, Russian, absolutely.

Michael Ignatieff is a self-identified “cosmopolitan” who admits to being “horribly arrogant”.

We can now begin to flatter him by using his aristocratic and hereditary title.

Count Michael Ignatieff. He’s not in it for Canadians. He just “craves power” for himself.

Did anyone else know that Iggy is actually an official “Count”?

Liberals’ “soldiers in our streets” Redux

January 7, 2010 - 21 Responses

Remember when Liberals were ridiculed for accusing Conservatives of putting “soldiers in our streets”?

Indeed, not long after the ads were released, one that claimed Harper would would put more Canadian “soldiers with guns” in Canadian cities was yanked.

Liberal MP Shawn Murphy seems to be suggesting the same…

We have to ask ourselves: what is the next logical extension of this thinking? Doing away with Parliament altogether? To instruct the military to bring political order to our system of government and maintain acceptable behaviour by this country’s citizens?

What’s next, photos on the Liberal website depicting Harper being assassinated? Oh, yeah…

Nothing in Canada is ever good enough for Ignatieff

December 22, 2009 - 11 Responses

Seems 24 Sussex just wouldn’t be up to snuff for Ignatieff

Ignatieff promises he won’t live at 24 Sussex Drive until the 141-year-old building has a long overdue refit. … we’ll move into the Chateau or the Elgin [two downtown Ottawa hotels] for three or four years

First Canada wasn’t good enough for him until he wanted to be Prime Minister. Now the official residence isn’t good enough for him even if he does become Prime Minister? Unbelievable.

Ignatieff: Darling of the American Establishment

December 16, 2009 - 3 Responses

This is just too classic: Richie Rich American Magazine for Millionaires says “Watch Iggy”!

I can’t wait for a official magazine of the Russian Artistocracy and the British Intelligentsia to come out singing his praises as well.

One thing is for sure… while these publications sure watch Ignatieff, they definitely don’t watch the polls.

Which country will Ignatieff cheer for in Vancouver?

December 2, 2009 - 2 Responses

It has come to my attention that Michael Ignatieff’s office sent out a missive to Liberal MPs and Senators this morning about the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Two parts jumped out at me specifically:

The Liberal Party must capitalize on the positive publicity, excitement and feel-good attitude surrounding the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games (the Games)

Oh, really? Perhaps they’ll want to play down the fact that Michael Ignatieff said the only thing he ever missed about Canada was Algonquin Park. That certainly isn’t much a feel-good attitude about Canada.

Where do you want to be when Canada wins its first gold at home and wins the games? Canadians and the world will be watching and watching Canada’s leadership. We want our Liberal Leader to be there and be seen cheering on our nation with everyone else.

This part I found the most revealing. They clearly have a bit of a complex over in Michael Ignatieff’s Office about his past treatment of Canada… as they should. So what’s going to happen if Ignatieff slips up and gets caught cheering for Russia or, worse yet, the United States?

The Ignatieff Coalition

December 1, 2009 - 3 Responses

This is a must watch:

Anybody who heard Iggy’s attempts to deny he’d form a Coalition will understand. Everybody knows he will, he’ll just call it something other than a Coalition.

Rae and other Liberals help out candidate who says Lord’s Prayer comparable to Apartheid

November 25, 2009 - 2 Responses

Tomorrow night, Liberals in Thornhill will gather to raise funds for their candidate, Karen Mock.

Liberal MP and Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae will be attending as the “Special Guest Speaker”… but does he know what he’s getting himself into?

Karen Mock has compared the policy of schools who allow the Lord’s Prayer as comparable to apartheid in South Africa. A blast from the past that arrived in my inbox last night:

“Dr. Mock compared the Saskatoon School Board’s defence – that is has the right under the Constitution to recite the Lord’s Prayer – to that of South Africans pointing to their own legislation to justify the continuance of apartheid.”

From The National Post, July 15, 1999.

I also note that sitting MPs Carolyn Bennett, John McCallum and Maria Minna are Mock’s “committee” members supporting her.  I wonder if they are all aware of her views…

Another example of media bias

November 18, 2009 - 5 Responses

Can you imagine if a Conservative male MP called a Liberal female MP fat?

Kady and the rest of the media would be calling for him to be kicked out of caucus and summarily executed… Glad to see that the bias in the media is still alive and well.

What won’t they make excuses for the Liberals on?

Michael Ignatieff/Rocco Rossi: Not Up To The Job

October 30, 2009 - 4 Responses

I always liked that slogan that was used against Dalton McGuinty back in the day. I think you could apply it to Ignatieff and his chief bagman Rocco Rossi today as well:

Exclusive! LPC continues to grow: $2M raised in Q3, $7.5M overall! 2X year over yr, and still a quarter to go! #lpc #cdnpoli

That, ladies and gentleman, is some pretty hard spinning. Why’s that you ask? They have increased their fundraising, haven’t they? Well, yes. They have… compared to Stéphane Dion. Who probably couldn’t have gotten his own mother to donate.

More importantly, they are over $18 million dollars short of their goal for the year with only one quarter to go:

The goal: a $25 million annual war chest and a vastly expanded grassroots organization to pay for it. On Saturday, May 9 — four days before the ads began airing — the Liberals’ new party president, Toronto lawyer Alfred Apps, and Rocco Rossi, who as the party’s executive director is in charge of fundraising, met Ignatieff to settle on a two-year strategic plan for the party.

All those who think the Liberals are going to be able to raise $18+ million dollars in the final quarter put your hands up. Anyone… Bueller?